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At Zamar Music Studios, our priorities are simple. We support and believe in the power of music creation to bring people together and build a shared understanding across differences. We exist to provide music creatives with a safe and mutually inclusive environment to write, produce and record their music within the highest standards of acoustical architecture and design. From producers, to session musicians, session singers, beat makers, arrangers, you name it, Zamar Music Studios will help to bring your project from conception to corporality.

Music makers deserve to learn, grow, and progress in a supportive community and building that community requires inclusivity, integrity and radical hospitality.


A community where music creatives can make and enjoy music.
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Core features

We Provide ALL-IN-ONE Audio Recording Solutions

Community Access to State of the Art Equipment

We provide artists, writers, and producers within our communities, a creative environment to celebrate the joy experienced in creating music within the highest standards of acoustical architecture and design.

Inspiring and Courteous

We enable artists and producers in our communities to create and arrange together in a mutually inclusive environment. We want what you want.

High Quality

Within the Brampton community, we support our artist digital music production, by demonstrating high standards of acoustical architecture and design while ensuring the quality of digital music creation and production.
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8920 Highway 50, Unit 4 Brampton, Ont. L6P 3A3


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